The Hexagon House Studios Blog Style and the Engagement in the Lavender Fields

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Along with the less traditional name, I am considering a less traditional style blog to go with my photography business.  What does this mean?  This means, my comments and recaps will be sincere in talking about my photoshoots with various friends and clients but it will also touch on the honest and it will include internal panic of a new photographer!

I was in France as part of my other job, and I was so excited to visit and photograph the lavender fields of Provence.  I did research on location and landscape photography so I could truly get it right.  I was going to get one sunset to get some pictures I love and I wanted to be prepared.  

I arrived in the fields outside Valensole, France four hours before sunset.  I drove the whole area.  At first I got out an played in the sweet smelling rows and I visited two small stands that sell all things lavender.  Then I started to search for the perfect field.  I wanted the rows to go off to the horizon with a backlit sunset.  After narrowing it down several times- I chose my spot!  I was REALLY early.  I brought snacks.  Periodically I changed lenses and played in the field with closeups and low angles.  I had a photography group on Facebook offering helpful tips live during my set-up.  

There were various people in and out of the lavender fields.  At one point, a couple asked me to take pictures of them with their camera.  I looked at the settings and I took a few as I was trying to figure out how to give them some really nice shots.  Finally, I asked if I could just take some with mine. The young man said yes and asked me to continue to hold his camera.  After two really nice shots, he turned to her, got on his knee and proposed!

The Surprise Proposal

This was an emotional moment for them and it was sincere and perfect.  It was a little panicky for me!  I hadn't checked that my settings were taking properly exposed pictures.  I had a prime lens, meaning I could not just zoom in or out, I had to physically move back a bit to get him in the picture, but it was actually the best lens I could have had on the camera at that point.  In an instant I realized I was destined to shoot an engagement in the lavender fields of Provence.  

They did not expect a photographer and I did not expect an engagement.  But we found each other and I am so happy! I was worried I would forget something but luckily I was able to get quite a nice variety for Marta and Arto.  After we shot for a while, I gave them some time to enjoy each other in this important moment.  We exchanged information and we have been communicating ever since.

It would ordinarily take me at least a week to return images from any photoshoot session.  When I told them, they looked crushed.  Luckily, I had not adjusted to the time zone yet, so I stayed up and edited all night to get them their pictures.  Marta was so happy the next day!  We have talked on the phone and now I am going to be on the invite list to their wedding i their hometown in the Netherlands!  Check out some more pictures from their engagement!

Marta and Arto- best of luck and I plan to keep in touch!



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